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A Comparison between Madame Bovary and The Awakening Essay -- comparis

Similarities in the midst of Madame Bovary and The Awakening Centuries ago, in France, Gustave Flaubert wrote Madame Bovary. In 1899, Kate Chopin wrote The Awakening. The years cannot separate the books, and the definite similarities that the deuce show. Madame Bovary is the story of a woman who is not content with her bread and butter, and searches for ways to liquidate away from the torture she lives everyday. The Awakening, much like Bovary, features a woman who is disquieted with her life, and wishes to find new adventures. The two books bear very strong similarities to distributively other, and the plots are almost exactly the same, though there are around subtle differences. Set in two old cities in France, Emma Bovary, the main(prenominal) character in the first book, is not content with her life. She lives in a small town with a married man who is a well mop up doctor. She is not like many other women though early in her life, her father sends her to a convent ty pe school so that she can abide an education away from the other less desirable parts of society. She is tho sheltered in this holy world. The only glimpse of the world alfresco the church walls is the one she experiences through romance novels. These books disillusion her and distort her get wind of the world. She believes that life should be a continuous fantasy in which she spends her life in constant ecstasy, like the women in her novels. Why couldnt she be aptness her elbow on the balcony of a Swiss cottage with a husband dressed in a black velvet suit with ache coattails, soft boots, a pointed hat, and elegant cuffs. (60) She is so dissatisfied with her life that she cannot nail that she might have happiness, if she only tries to contribute to it. On the other cheek of the coin, Edna, of The Awake... ...ssics. The question can never be asked of the authors the similarities can merely only be discussed. Works Cited and Consulted Auerbach, Eric Madame Bovary. In B.F. Bart (ed.), Madame Bovary and the Critics (pp 132-143). New York New York University Press. 1966. Brombert, Victor. The Novels of Gustav Flaubert A Study of Themes and Techniques. Princeton Princeton University Press. 1966 Chopin, Kate. The Awakening. Ed. Margo Culley. New York W.W. Norton, 1994. Flaubert, Gustav. Madame Bovary (Lowell Bair, trans.). New York Bantam Books 1996 Seyersted, Per, and Emily Toth, eds. A Kate Chopin Miscellany. Natchitoches Northwestern secern University Press, 1979. Tillett, Margaret. On Reading Madame Bovary. In B.F. Bart (ed.), Madame Bovary and the Critics (pp 1-25). New York New York University Press. 1966

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