Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prize Based Challenges

A Challenge is a proven come up to solving important problems by leveraging large communities of people who dismiss bring tender expertise and diverse perspectives to bear. Challenges argon an effective diaphysis for our knobs to help foster innovation and solve problems as a pay-for-performance resourcefulness coupled with world class technical experts. Executing a pillage Based Challenge Our group often employs a two cast approach to executing Prize Based Challenge efforts for our clients.This phased approach allows our clients to debut their open innovation efforts rapidly though two initial ideation repugns and handling the results to help tailor the more complex theory- found altercates in accompanying phases. The structure and timesh ar of the three phases of execution for this approach are detailed below. course 1 Ideation Challenges (Day 1 Day 90) leg 1 consists of training and face for the overall effort as well as the execution of two ideation scraps .Ideation gainsays are the most basic form of shekels found scraps which coiffe a broad question formulated to obtain access to new ideas. Ideation challenges concur been used achievementfully by NASA, AFAR and other defending group clients. There are few constraints on problem solver submission do (non-technical and non-exclusive licensing given to Seekers for guarantee of one winner per challenge), intrude values are by and large small (?$5,000 $10,000).Ideation challenges provide a good opportunity for our clients to at once gather new ideas about an existing problem, familiarize themselves with the challenge process, and create forwarding for subsequent follow on challenges. IA Challenge outgrowth Workshop Phase 1 leave behind dispirit with a challenge placement flexshop. This day long workshop includes familiarization with the Open Innovation approach, an agreement of the challenge development process and establishing goals/expectations for the challenge out comes.It also provides an opportunity for BBC/XX Subject Matter Experts to work together with our clients to brainstorm and formulate the foremost two Ideation and/or theoretic (see Phase 2 description of Theoretical) challenges to be launched. succeeding(a) the workshop the BBC/ICC team will continue to work with the client to concludingize the challenge question Roding, make solver channel/publicity decisions, and specify intellectual property treatment for the first challenges.If during the workshop more important technical (non-alteration) challenges are identified as a anteriority for DES, the BBC/XX team will prioritize those and make recommendations for advancing these challenges in Phase B Initial Challenges Launch Once the decisions noted above are complete, the BBC/ICC team posts, publicizes and hosts the initial challenges for a period of 30-60 age (30 age for Ideation and 60 old age for Theoretical/technical challenges) on the XX littoral. During this period, the BBC/ICC team provides constant monitoring of the challenge site for activity and submissions.The initial ideation challenges mainly launch on or about Day 10 by and by formulation begins. ICC military rating of Submissions After the 30-60 day posting period, the BBC/ICC team work to categorize, prioritize and rank the solutions submitted by the solver community. BBC/ICC Subject Matter Experts specifically chartered for their experience and knowledge of the challenge technical area will quantify apiece of the submissions and use criteria established during the Challenge Development Workshop to save a rank ordered garnish of authorisation solutions.Ranked solution sets are provided to our clients on or about Day 45 for Ideation and day 75 for theoretical challenges. ID- Award and Close hobby receipt of the solution sets, our clients generally have a period of 7 days to review and select winning solutions for both challenges and influence prize yields. Ideation challenges c arry a guaranteed award starting at $5,000, Theoretical challenges are awarded only if specific success criteria is met. The BBC/ICC team engages the distribution of awarded prizes to selected solvers.A close out report on each of the challenges is also completed by the BBC/ICC team and provided to the client. This report includes recommendations for subsequent prize competitions that are executed in Phase 2. Award Distribution and final report are completed 30 days following the closeout of the challenge awards, approximately days 75-105 depending on challenge type. PHASE 2 Follow-on Challenges (Day 91 Day -210) Phase 2 consists of planning and executing multiple challenges including Theoretical Challenges.Theoretical challenges are a more complex and detailed type of prize based challenge which seeks solutions to more specific technical problems. Theoretical challenges have detailed solution requirements that need to be met for an award and the client evaluates submissions on a t heoretical basis. Theoretical challenge awards are traditionally stick on at higher dollar value than Ideation challenges and generally start at around $10,000.Awards for Theoretical challenges are not guaranteed, they are paid based on Solvers meeting specific success criteria posted in the challenge statement. The BBC/ICC team works closely with our clients during the challenge formulation process to crack the appropriate dollar value of the prize for each challenge based on the nature of the challenge itself. AAA Challenge Formulation Phase 2 begins with a half day planning meeting mingled with BBC/ICC team and our clients to determine the preferred approach to launching the next set of challenges.The team will use the knowledge and insight gained from the initial challenges to and customize the second round of challenges to the goals of their overall open innovation effort. final examination decisions on the number, timing, challenge type and other organizational requireme nts will determine the time frame of completion but should be challenge formulation should be complete by Day 100, or 10 days from the beginning of formulation of challenges identified in this Phase. B Challenges Launch Following these decisions, the BBC/ICC team posts, publicizes and hosts challenges for a specified period on the XX platform. Because Theoretical challenges are more complex and require more effort from the solver in their submissions, they be hosted for a minimum of 60 days. During this period, the BBC/ICC team will monitor the site activity. Depending on the determinations made during challenge formulation, the challenges can stripe consecutively or concurrently but Phase 2 challenges should begin launching on or about Day 110. C Evaluation of Submissions During and after the posting period, the BBC/ICC team works to categorize, prioritize and rank the solutions submitted by the solver community. BBC/ICC Subject Matter Experts specifically selected for their exp erience and knowledge of the challenge technical area evaluate each of the bionomist and use criteria established during challenge formulation to present a rank ordered set of potential solutions. Ranked solution sets are provided to the client within 15 days of each challenge close.The ordering and sequence of the challenges in this phase will determine the final date of completion. AD Award and Close Following receipt of the solution sets, our clients generally have a period of 30 days to review and select winning solutions for each Theoretical challenge and determine prize awards. Once the client has determined winners and prize allotments, the BBC/ICC team manages the distribution of awarded prizes to selected solvers.

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