Saturday, March 23, 2019

Revenge Does nNot Bring Happiness in The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

It is believed by many that it is human nature to deem themselves to be a tantamount to God. Such is the case when one decides to take vindicate against those who wrong him. Though vengeance seems like the perfect way to strain justice, a sense of equity, in actuality it is merely an unsatisfactory hypocritical action. This is the expressed realization of the protagonist, Edmond Dants in Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo. The protagonist comes to conceive that after a lifetime of searching for justice, he really only(prenominal) yearns justice from himself. Akin to many of Alexandre Dumas other masterpieces, The Count of Monte Cristo is a dramatic tale of mystery and intrigue that paints a dazzling, dueling, exuberant pile of the Napoleonic era in France. In this thrilling adventure, Edmond Dants is moil with the endeavor of attaining ultimate revenge, after being punished by his enemies and throw into a secret dungeon in the Chateau dIf. He reluctantly learns that h is long intolerable years in captivity, miraculous escape and guardedly wrought revenge are all merely vital part in his journey of awakening to the notion that there is no much(prenominal) thing as rejoicing or unhappiness, there is merely the comparing between the two. Ultimately, the irony that Dumas is presenting through this novel suggests that the inability to attain happiness through the hypocrisy that is revenge is because one is really avenging their own self. This becomes transparent through his dramatic transformations from a nave, young sailor, to a cold, cynical mastermind of vengeance, and finally to a remorseful, humble man who is simply content. To be nave is something that pertains to childish innocence. The prevailing theme of innocence to exper... ...ate bliss (Dumas, 531) As soon as Edmond is able to accept and remorse his hypocritical actions, he returns back to his original state, that of a good man who is content with the elemental joys of life.In conc lusion, a hypocritical action, such as revenge, buttnot possibly develop about happiness. This is because hypocrisy essentially refers to being the very thing that one hates. Edmond Dants is initially a man who appreciates all his blessings, however micro they may be, although, after being the victim of treachery he morphs into a vengeful, bitter man. When a feeling of discontent arises following his vengeance, Dants realizes that by revenging others he is really avenging himself. In other words, one cannot repair an libertine action with an equally immoral reaction. Only when accepting this notion can one rejoin humanity and feel content, as Edmond Dants does.

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