Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Two Quetions eight hundred words a peice 12 pitch double space Essay

Two Quetions eight hundred words a peice 12 pitch two-base hit space - Essay ExampleThe impact of the above mentioned immigration policies and especially the Chinese Exclusion defend of 1943 was that the total number of these Asian aliens in America became negligible compared to other races like Germans and Italians who had no such(prenominal) harsh immigration restrictions. This therefore fulfilled one goal of the immigration policies of having minimal racial prevalence and especially from the Middle east nations (Ueda, 1994).The other impact that is present even today is that due to the open up cultural discrimination in these restrictive immigration policies, the relationship between the United States and the Middle east nations started becoming strained. The strain led to cold war between these two regions with the Middle Eastern nations aiming to top the United States economically, politically and even in military strength. The economic war has been the strongest and has pr oved to be rugged on American manufacturers who are constantly being outdone by Asian manufacturers and especially technologically (Daniels, 2005).The in-migration Act of 1965 was a tremendous improvement from the one in 1924. It abolished the quota system in immigrations and was determined on permitting into their country immigrants who had skills and or relatives in the United States. This abolishment was especially aimed at removing the cultural restrictions on citizens of Eastern Asia and part of Eastern and Southern Europe who had been the target of the 1924 Immigration Act.The factors that facilitated this change in immigration policies was the so called embarrassment it caused the United States by making the country become a culturally discriminatory one. The forward Act according to then president Lyndon was against the principle of American democracy which aimed at ensuring equality. The congress of the age also wanted to establish a good

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