Monday, May 6, 2019

Effective Team Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

hard-hitting Team - Assignment ExampleDuring the course of project, many problems and conflicts surfaced as the team progressed through its four t separatelying stages as described by Tuckmans model (Beyerlein and Johnson 2000), which were not beyond expectations. However, these were dealt along as the team developed more cohesion and understanding of the common goal but still the opinion is that these problems could squander been avoided and effectively managed as highlighted by (Kayes 2004). Throughout the task, group remained engaged in number of activities that played life-sustaining billet is team development and are discussed throughout the report. This project report is an aim to comprehensively elucidate significance of reflection in learning and evaluates how experiences are transformed into genuine learning (Kolbs 1984). Secondly, this report narrates serve of building a group of individuals into a team and difficulties faced during this progression. It also encompass es the significance and critical role of different concepts and theory elements that influence this process. Problem and Context After the group was formed, I was much skeptical group future as to what form would it take, how we are going to interact and what would be the course of put through towards desired goals. A good explanation for this could be that team was in its initial stage of forming as described by Bruce Tuckman in his model of team development (Beyerlein and Johnson 2000) since members were trying to get know each other and develop relationships. McManus (2000) distinguished group from a team in that team has a fast(a) commitment, high degree of cohesiveness and accomplishment to each other and towards common goal than in a group because teamwork promotes creativity, problem solving, effective decision making and improved communication (Chaney and Lyden 2000). During initial sessions, I nominate that there were member who were not concerned deeply with purpose an d goal of the team as they were ofttimes found busy in dealing with personal social issues which they thought were of more importance to them. flat at times, they were not prepared for what meeting were all about and had no agenda to talk about. At early stages, team did not seem much organized and interactive as members were shy and averse in sharing experiences and knowledge. I was of the view that these issues would induce many problems during the course of task completion and would impart it difficult for team building and cohesion. Although team project went much better but often task-based conflicts arose when single members job depended on other members input or cooperation which (Bartos and Wehr 2002) express as interdependence conflict. However, main cause of interdependence conflict was being unable to effectively expire ones part to another member which (Shapiro 2004) called communication breakdown conflict. Competitive conflict was exhibited by one of team members who always move to prove himself better than other team member and tried to find his own way through the process if not agreed upon (Rahim 2011). However, overall the project was a huge success and a great effort to understand the team development process in practical scenario and

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