Sunday, June 9, 2019

Communication in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Communication in Business - Essay ExampleBMW conducts its business as a accredited professional and care for its customer with respect by assuming it as their responsibility. The professional behaviour of BMW reflects from their principles which are shown at their websites. BMW strictly respects the law of the republic where it operates and maintains honesty and integrity towards the employees and s use upholders. BMW conference acknowledges the requirement for understanding the needs of different people of different culture while engaging with the local network.To effectively take up environmental responsibility and provide recommendations to local network, BMW Group executes efficient business practices to deal with the environment protection, decreases energy consumption, adopts energy saving measures and regenerates energy from waste.BMW Group implements resource conservation and environmental protection. The group evaluates all procedures and creates strategy and measures to reduce the utilisation of natural resources and environmental impact. BMW is well aware of the responsibility towards environment and and then their products of vehicle are designed in such a way that it causes less impact on the environment. BMW Group follows the philosophy of clean production and applies it in their international production units. BMWs business actions are based on the principles of resource conservation and environmental protection. BMW had established environmental attention system in their production units as well as planning sectors (BMW Group 2011). BMW Group continuously examines, evaluates and monitors the risk factors and also considers the global climate change. It had successfully established systems for cut the emissions of CO2 and waste.BMWs resource management develops solution to decrease the energy consumption and CO2 emission. In the year 2008, BMW had developed energy data management system which helped to record the consumption of energy in de tails (BMW Group 2011). BMW always strives to

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