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The Effect of Feminist Revolution in my Life Essay Example for Free

The Effect of Feminist Revolution in my Life EssayThe feminist vicissitude in the 1990s may be considered as one of the turning points in world history. From most countries that have been purely patriarchal in nature, the world evolved and suddenly man is no longer the all dominant sex in the society. As time passed, women acquired voice, will-power, and independence. The traditional women slowly dissolved and have been replaced by stronger women, in control, and no longer mans subordinate merely his equal and oftentimes his opponent (Badinter, 2006). This part of history has affected not only the women of those times but even the ones who came after them.I am part of the batch that came after the 90s women and as a fair sex, I am glad for the change that was brought by the feminist revolution. Because of it, I am not merely a shadow of a man, nor a doll that may be manipulated. I am a woman, who has her own mind, decides for herself, and give it as much as she wishes. If the women of the 90s did not revolt against the existing system, which had men dominated in the important aspects of society and perhaps tone as a whole, there is a probability that my ideologies today are different.This is more potent due to the fact that I live in a country where Latin refinement is dominant and my parents were raised under the strict rules that the culture dictates. This is actually where the feminist revolution has affected my life. It is undeniable that Latin culture dictates that men are the heads of the family. In the days to begin with the 1990 feminist revolution, men ruled over almost e real aspect of life with the justification from two religion and the government legislation. As the revolution opened more minds, pressure on branches of the state has forced it to gradually have modifications.Some rules that were not allowed before were given chances and observed for unwanted results. Womens rights have been expanded. The effect of this are clashing op inions of both sexes (Htun, 2003). Since I am one of the liberal minded women, the problem that serves as an effect of history in my life is that my parents and I do not quite find a commonality in viewing just about aspects of certain matters. First and foremost reason, I was born later than they were. The culture I have grown into is not the culture in which they were raised.My mother is very traditional and my father is very strict on imposing the same rules the he has grown into. Although I understand that generation gap should be bridged instead than widened, this becomes very difficult for me. I am a child of modernity and I go by the rules of it. I please my parents as much as I can. Despite this, there still seems to be lacking. The problem I find is that the changes that were brought about by the feminist revolution were good for some people, but to others, it has destroyed a tradition, a trademark of the culture.For instance, the Latin world, dominated by male suddenly had women with their own voices and will power, even ability to defy. It was good for the women because it someway freed them of some mens oppression. However, to the patriarchs of the family, whose life he devoted to keep his lineage together and standing, this is in a way hurtful. Perhaps it may be considered as ego-eccentric thinking however, others view it as a means of preserving what has been prevailing from the start. The patriarchal families may have oppressed some of the women, but most families owe their stature from this setting. For this, people must be considerate.It should be taken to mind that their actions are surely, overly results from another part of history. As I am, my parents are also effects of a past action. As such, I try to understand them. The gap between me and my parents maybe considered as an effect of history. I am grateful for to the pioneers of female revolution for my way of thinking, my female strength and independence. It is somehow damaging to those who believe patriarchy so strongly. However, it should be noted that this same mind that the revolution has freed can understand the grief they may be feeling from suddenly losing total control.This same mind, which the revolution has fought for, can see through their anger. The revolution was not fought for vengeance, it was started for equality. And with that, women understand better. I know. I see. The effect of history to me is not only to be man enough not be oppressed, but to remain woman enough to be sensitive. References Badinter, E. (2006). Dead End Feminism. United Kingdom Polity. Htun, M. (2003). Sex and the State Abortion, divorce, and the family under Latin American Dictatorships and democracies. New York Cambridge University Press.

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