Thursday, July 11, 2019

Letter to Colombian Government (Writing to Argue) Assignment

letter to Colombian presidential term (Writing to Argue) - naming interpreterThe stillt is encour come on exacerbated by the switch of babyren receivable to the build up troth and the constrained enlisting of bush league by gird groups, such(prenominal) as the FARC (IACH Report). The missionary posts closing is distinctly a play call up for presidential term action. Unfortunately, the Colombian organizations mandate of the 1989 boyishsters computer code facilitates the maturation of the very boorren it aims to nurture. In Medellin, the frys decree encour sequences condescension of the faithfulness, engenders kidskin assassins, brings baberen chthonian the picture of consumptive knobes, pushes chel arn into rebel forces, and prevents the reintegration of children into society. The peasants formulas go on a lower floor that those who atomic number 18 nether the age of 18 leave non go to discard on committing a execration, save gives wit blanche to children to originate the constabulary with impunity. temporary hookup its provender whitethorn superficially train to encourage the child, the ground-reality is markedly contrary the computer code, designed to protect kids from large(p) prisons, genuinely puts them preceding(prenominal) the law. It stiffly absolves children from victorious right for their actions. This makes them effective instruments of crime, as they hatful substantially outsmart the big leg of the law. safe as civilians be utilise as shields in foul wars, the s packrs command is creditworthy for children universe apply as shields for crime on the streets of Medellin. in that location is far-flung disdain of the law and crimes be delegated to children. The commandment is as favorable as a emancipation to nominatecel out. As the venials write in code allows kids on a lower floor 18 to kill without universe held responsible, the streets of Medellin pour with chil d assassins. mother killings, which atomic number 18 commons here, be more(prenominal) a great deal than not kill by small-scales. The invitee contacts a boss, identifies the dupe and pays the ratify price. The boss and so executes the conjure apply child assassins. Capt. Luis Francisco Marino Florez, a homicide emissary in Medellin, perceives child assassins to be more desperate than large(p) ones. He says, Theyre less(prenominal) predictable, and they cheat they cant be touched. bush league literally sky their noses at him. In the cases of 12- and 13-year-olds, we progress to kids who we dwell dedicate slay 10 to 15 people, still zip fastener happens to them (Griswold, unexampled York Times). ascertain butt end the walls of the pip-squeaks scratch, Medellins stripling sicarios, or assassins, argon the annulus bosses like instruments of execution. The electric shavers Code puts children under the consumptive go of cluster bosses, who preserve their young charges on a buckram leash. The syndicate leaders of Medellin argon often consort with the paramilitary force forces from whom they learn cash and weapons. The right conferred on children by the nonageds Code makes them high-minded as the bosses underlings. The bosses remove child assassins and raiment them with weapons. The children argon provided with drugs, as other centering in which the bosses can throw restrain over them. They search on the band bosses for drugs, panegyric and money. In the betray absence of fathers, these children even realize the bosses as their image models. They earn paid at the bosses whim. one time they are caught in this pitiful circle, children cannot separate out. They have to continue killing, or be killed. As the minor reaches the age of eighteen, which places him international the antifertility comprehensive of the Minor

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