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Organizational Culture Procter & Gamble Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Organizational Culture Procter & Gamble - Essay Example The recruitment process at the company deploys innovative elements that help candidates implement self-assessment during the testing process (Recruiting Blueprint). Further on, the company philosophy declares equal opportunities for open positions and supports promotion from within, through on-the-job, formal and on-line training programs. P&G's corporate values can be found on its international website (Careers Global). These are leadership, Ownership, Integrity, Passion for Winning, and Trust. To me the most appealing aspects of the corporate value system are leadership and passion. In my opinion strive for leadership and passion are values a person is born with, but need to be developed and guided and this requires a proper corporate culture. P&G promotes these principles through strategic focus on work, dedication to innovation, and by valuing "personal mastery". Further on, integrity and ownership mean that individual and company interests are one and the same, which makes P&G's employees and associates owners of the company successes. Most of the company's products are manufactured in company owne... 486), namely: Attention to detail Most of the company's products are manufactured in company owned facilities (Sustainability Report, 2004). Being a consumer products manufacturer, details are important, because they create value for P&G's customers. Innovation Central to P&G's strategy is the company's capability to develop and introduce new products within short time limits (Ball et al, 2005, p. 450). Annually the company spends nearly $2 billion on R&D in 150 science areas (Huston et al, 2006). People orientation The power of people at P&G is focused on the following statement by one of the company's former CEO's: "[] But if you take away our money, our buildings, and our brands, but leave us our people, we can rebuild the whole thing in a decade" (Recruiting Bluepring). Aggressiveness Aggressiveness and competitive spirit is promoted through the stated values of "leadership" and "passion for winning". 4. Does the organization you identified have a strong or weak culture Explain. Is this culture ethical, customer-responsive, or spiritual Being a global employer to 98,000 people in 80 countries (Company Profile) is not an easy task. It requires wise management of people and processes, and a strong organizational culture. In my opinion P&G's culture is strong, because it promotes the same core values and principles in all its subsidiaries. Strong sustainable culture is sustained through strong selection practices worldwide; strong P&G's brand name, universal English language for internal communication, a Worldwide Business Conduct Manual (Sustainability Report, 2004) and other tools. When analyzing the culture, I can define P&G as a customer-responsive culture. There are many aspects that

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