Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Micro enterprises Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Micro enterprises - Essay Example equires ethical values that will enable them treat the workforce equally, regardless of the gender, race, religion, culture and abilities (Harvey, 2012). Through adopting a non-discrimination policy, the leaders can afford to treat all the members of the workforce with equality, thus promoting the feelings of appreciation amongst the workforce. The creation of teams and groups that embraces and comprises of different elements of the workforce serves to promote the management of diversity, in that all the members of the workforce feels considered and represented in the groups and teams. Valuing and considering the contributions made by all members of the workforce serves to make the workforce more vibrant, creative and innovative, in that they feel that their ideas and inventions will be recognized and appreciated by the organization (Jeffs, 2008). Receiving and treating the grievances and the concerns raised by members of the workforce, without discrimination or favoritism on any basis that creates diversity in the workforce, is another successful step towards having the leaders of the macro enterprises manage the diversity of the workforce specializing in decision support system (Harvey, 2012). Through the effectiveness of diversity in the workforce, the leaders are assured of a motivated team, which guarantees success. Some characteristics are relevant for small business to be considered as appropriate in the selection process for developing the decision support systems. A small business requires being technologically oriented, an aspect that serves to ensure that the business is in a position to test and try novel technological innovations, ensuring that they can develop a system that is most appropriate for the business (Power, 2002). This is most essential since technology keeps changing and the types of decisions to be made are dynamic, thus calling for constant improvement in the business DSS so established. Another requisite characteristic of such a

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