Saturday, September 28, 2019

Contingency Planning Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Contingency Planning Outline - Essay Example The next step is to outline the components of the plan; risk areas (McIntosh, 2007). In response to this, this paper will identify all the possible responses to the risks involved. These responses would also consider external and internal issues associated with them. It will also look at the human and financial resources needed and the problems with obtaining them. This paper will identify the issues that would hinder the accommodation of one or both of the conventions at the same time. The aim is to have both conventions but possibly at a different time. If, however, this is not possible, the aim would change to accommodate only one convention without losing the other customer for future conventions. External issues are all those problems that have nothing to do with the resort itself, but with everything else outside of it. These are all the peripheral issues that could hinder the resort in accommodating both the conventions on the same day. Internal issues, on the other hand, are problem areas within the resort. These are issues that would get in the way of the accommodation of both or one of the major conventions and so will need to be considered. Contingency planning means to plan for risks so that it can be known how to deal with them beforehand, in case they occur. It is important because it allows people to see the various ways in which a risk can be dealt with. Each response would consider external and internal issues and the human and financial resources required. Possible responses or a contingency plan for the risks identified include: Reschedule other insignificant, smaller appointments that are taking up extra and more than necessary meeting space. The external issues to consider would be the significance and profitability of the smaller party involved. If this insignificant appointment can lose an important, valuable customer for the resort, this option will

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