Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Organisational Information System-Bright Light Limited Essay

Organisational Information System-Bright Light Limited - Essay Example Apart from this there exists a high degree of interdependence between these departments. They need to constantly interact with one another to keep the business running. A lot of information needs to flow from one department to another in order to carry out their transactions. It may so happen that the ignition for the transactions in one department may come from the outputs of another department. Hence this clearly shows that there indeed is a necessity of some means of communication between various departments. The case of Bright Light Ltd is no different. If the transmission of this information among various departments is carried out manually then the maintenance and timely delivery of this information in the expected format would be a highly impossible task. This would be tedious, time consuming and inefficient. It is here that the need for an Information System would be felt. â€Å"An Information system is a formalized computer Information system that can collect store, process and report data from various sources to provide the information necessary for managerial decision making.† (Hicks, 1993) Information system being described here is concerned with not only a computerized application but it also considers the information regarding the organizational activities. An Information system can be specified with the help of the functions it performs. The functions carried out by the Information System broadly fall under five categories. These are namely: (Angell, 1991) Having these things in mind the following report would analyze the Information flow between various departments in the Bright Light Ltd organization. To facilitate this discussion the â€Å"General Systems theory† is chosen. The following discussion would include a brief introduction regarding the systems approach and the concepts used in this approach. This would be followed by identifying the departments in the BLL organization and an information flow

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