Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Essay Topics On the Wonderful Chinese Cinderella Story

Essay Topics On the Wonderful Chinese Cinderella StoryCinderella is one of the most well-known fairy tales that is being used as a theme for stories on essay topics. Cinderella, a poor girl who wished to be with the Prince Charming, set off with her little carriage and very bad luck. However, the journey does not go according to plan, the Queen took her to a far away land called 'Wiseland', that is made up of black mud.The Mud - Poor girl ended up in this place because she misbehaved, never being nice to anyone ever. Now, in this place there was no one around to stop her from doing so. The poor girl could do whatever she wanted and never got any better. It's because of her bad luck that she has been made to be here in the first place.The Enchanted Castle - The poor girl started to enter into a real fairy tale with the help of the Prince. She could now start a new life. She would be able to live a normal life in a place where she was loved. But that was not enough, she wants to be abl e to follow the prince, not just go on dates with him, but to be with him all the time. So, she ends up chasing after him until he is finally taken to another place called 'The Enchanted Castle'.The Fairy Godmother - The poor girl ends up going back to the Queen and telling her that she has gotten herself into a terrible situation. However, she was eventually pardoned by the Queen who said that she is actually helping her daughter learn about taking care of one's self. It is because of the Fairy Godmother, that the poor girl has managed to get out of her misery.The Rich and the Poor - The girl will be able to find a way to make the money to start a new life, where she was not so far off from getting the Prince that she had wanted. As a young lady, Cinderella will be able to work hard and start a new life with the Prince.The Vows - The curse that lies on Cinderella was actually a curse that was placed on her by the Queen because of her bad luck. As a result, she became a dark witch, who kept setting people up against her and in order to get revenge. The punishment that comes with this curse is that she will always be set on making the most evil actions possible.The Waltz - The cursed shoes that the poor girl is wearing is actually a reflection of herself, turning her into the wicked fairy. Her hands turn into steel needles, and the dark magic that is not on her side turns her into a zombie. The poor girl also loses her beauty as well, due to her twisted and cursed state.As a great fairy tale, Cinderella is full of twists and turns. This article will give you some tips on how to write an essay on this topic.

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