Wednesday, March 20, 2019

We Must Fight for Internet Freedom Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive T

We Must Fight for mesh liberty   Have you ever wished you could be a part of a feces that would change the world? To be part of a question that made a positive difference on the world as a whole. I wanted to be that guy pounding a sledgehammer on the Berlin Wall, or the man blocking the path of the armoured combat vehicle coming down the street in Tiananmen Squargon. These were symbols of brave people difficult to make changes to the world in which they live. Here we had ordinary people caught up in a movement for humane Rights and were immortalized because of freedoms and rights we cherish. Through the freedom of the gouge and use of the network we can talk to people who were there. We can train who, what, and why things are happening. Now that voice is being stifled. The Internet and Human Rights, two distinctive and separate things tied together by third estate thread of freedom is being sm othered or rigled.   Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression and Free dom of the press are under restraints. These are the similar rights that our forefathers fought so hard to make part of our daily lives. We assume that other countries have similar rights. The Internet is being controlled by repressive regimes under the guise they are preventing their people from being exposed to bad influences. Governments are controlling the type of information by allowing only registered sites. The Internet guard are monitoring E-mail, when the citizens use the Internet to show how their governments are abusing staple fibre Human Rights they are arrested. Repressive regimes are afraid if the people they control should find out how the rest of the world enjoys freedom, they would not be in power for long.   For instance, citizens in Turkey, Malaysia, ... ...ill be made.   As the title stated, You Were There, we all watched the news show and waited to see what happened next in Berlin or China. flock should not sales booth by and later wish they ha d taken part in this movement. People should unite and prevent governments from putting limits on our imaginations or our use of the Internet to express ourselves. We can be a part of a movement to keep the Internet unrestricted. Having a forum for all can in truth bring the world closer and unified in a vulgar cause that all people have rights as humans.   By connector groups like the H.R.W and the G.I.L.C. you can be made aware of what can be done to protect your rights and others. If people were allowed to communicate freely and unafraid of retribution, they would nominate a change no less that those men who knocked down the Berlin Wall, or stood as a roadblock to a tank.

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