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Using a PC Correctly and Safely Essay Example for Free

Using a PC right on and Safely EssayBorn in 1812 the abet child of a Navy Pay transfericer, animateness was never going to be easy for Charles demon. In his infant years daimon had his fair component part of bad luck. He knew how it felt to be cold, miserable, lamentable and alto hold upher unhappy. Soon deuce father was in debt and was sent to Marshalsea Prison, London. This unfortunate turn meant a 12 year old Dickens had to go and spend a penny in a shoe-blacking factory. This embarrassed him for all his emotional state and he felt it was humiliation. Born in 1812 the second child of a Navy Pay officer, life was never going to be easy for Charles Dickens.In his infant years Dickens had his fair shargon of bad luck. He knew how it felt to be cold, miserable, poor and altogether unhappy. Soon Dickens father was in debt and was sent to Marshalsea Prison, London. This unfortunate turn meant a 12 year old Dickens had to go and attain in a shoe-blacking factory. This em barrassed him for all his life and he felt it was humiliation. Dickens was determined not to be the same as his father and managed to get work as a solicitors salesclerk, and so moved onto a form of journalism for the political debates.Dickens successfully managed to convey what he felt about Victorian England in his books often they featured low privileged children (Oliver Twist), and other(a) aspects of being poor and needy. Dickens tried hard to let people bop about the people working in the workhouses and the terrible conditions they worked in (David Copperfield). He tried to make the more(prenominal) noble class respect the less fortunate and be kinder to the homeless and needy. In his lifetime Dickens influenced the English and worldwide public with his moving stories and do a lot of gold for his family in the process.Dickens is well remembered for books like A Christmas chant unless he wrote many others like, Nicholas Nickleby, A Tale of dickens Cities, Hard times and of course Great Expectations. Once you turn the first page of A Christmas Carol you are struck by Dickens amazingly detailed descriptions, long sentence structures and incredible phraseology he uses incredibly intricate words to describe things which really livens up your imagination. boor is introduced to us as a miserable old miser he hates Christmas and the poor. He dislikes giving and is generally a nasty individual who, we as a reader are not meant to clear any sympathy for.Dickens sets him up with phrases such as a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, covetous old sinner. . peasants nephew, Fred, who is full of Christmas spirit, visits him and is nice about the poor, life and Christmas. crank replies every idiot who goes about with a Merry Christmas on his lips should be boiled with his own pud this is insulting to the Christian faith and a lot of peoples beliefs. Scrooge sees the figure of his 7-year dead partner Marley alter onto his doorknocker. He goes in and lights a candle Darkness is Cheap .Marley visits Scrooge in the night and warns him that tercet spirits that will stir his ways will haunt him. Marley trails a Ponderous Chain which is do of ledgers, moneyboxes and other money related objects that Marley was obsessed with, oft like Scrooge. From this we can see Dickens is nerve-wracking to tell us that money is not everything and the chain Marley wears acts as a symbol that Scrooge and us as a nation have to take notice of. When the Ghost of Christmas Past arrives at Scrooges manoeuver of residence, Scrooge is taken on a journey through his prior years as a schoolboy.He is shown as lonely and un choused until his sister comes to pick him up. Here Dickens is showing us that family is important and can bring happiness she addresses him as dear, dear brother. When Scrooge is taken to his old work he is reminded of how wonderful Christmas used to be. He is given the night off with a, Yo-ho reminding him of how mean he was to h is clerk when he told him it was a, poor excuse for picking a mans pocket every 25th of December. This implies that we leave our observe on society Fezziwig would leave a good one, Scrooge would not be so lucky.When Scrooge is transported to the scene of him and his fianci e together he is reminded of how he chose money over love something Dickens proves to be wrong What idol has displaced you he rejoined a Golden one. The fianci e knows Scrooge is totally in love with money and frees him from the contract they have she departs with May you be happy in the life you have chosen. This shows us as a reader that Scrooge is mean and still takes money over his life we come up sadness for the fianci e and more bitter towards Scrooge.Next Scrooge sees the ghost of Christmas Present and a fanny of wonderful food to form a kind of throne, were turkeys, geese, game, poultry This shows Scrooge how wonderful Christmas can be and the amazing food that could be available to him. The people who were shovelling away on the house tops were comic and full of glee. . Dickens shows us that if Christmas is kept in out hearts we can be heartily and happy whatever the circumstance. We then read about Christmas at the Cratchits, an incredibly poor family where Bob, Scrooges clerk, is the father of some(prenominal) children.We read about the extreme lack of money they have and how poor Tiny Tim is supported by an iron frame. They have very little a small pudding for a large family but they do not mind as they are with each other and that is what is important to them the family, not the money spent. Scrooge asks about tiny Tim and finds out he is likely to bomb, however, the ghost quotes Scrooge saying change magnitude the surplus population exactly what Scrooge had said to two men collecting for the poor and needy.Scrooge begins to feel bad about what he has done and is ashamed of his prior beliefs he realizes money is not everything and you can be happy without it. Scrooge is whisked through three scenes of people celebrating Christmas joyfully even though there conditions are appalling. Scrooge then goes to his nephews party here he sees how others interpret him, an old miser. He feels sad then Fred makes a toast to him and this brings a tear to Scrooges eyes. He is loved and knows family is important which is what we must(prenominal) recognise.The spirit then produces two children. One is want the other is ignorance, Dickens is trying to say we have major faults in our society that need to be corrected. People want so much, yet are ignorant about other peoples faiths or beliefs. Scrooge now sees the last of the spirits, the Ghost of Christmas Future. We first run short through the streets to a building of business to see men discussing an unnamed mans death and how they wouldnt go to his funeral unless a lunch is provided.Here Dickens is trying to say that if you live a lonely life then you will die lonely. Scrooge then travels through filthy bac k streets to a dingy batch where women are getting money for things they have accumulated. One of the women has taken down bottomland curtains from the dead mans bed you dont mean to say you took em down, rings and all, with him lying there? Yes I Do . Dickens shows that if you die a lonely, unloved and hated person, in your death your shirt will be literally ripped off your back, like the washer women did to Scrooge.Scrooge and the spirit go to a graveyard where no mourners are look here Scrooge finds his neglected grave and realises it was his body they saw in the room and the people were talk of the town about. Scrooge now realises all the wrong doings he has done, He sees he needs to change his ways. Dickens shows we need to be charitable and to change our ways if we are to keep the reliable center of Christmas alive. Scrooge learns many valuable lessons, from which we can learn to, the spirits transform him from this hideous hook search demon to a Christmas loving human all in the course of one night.He learns the true meaning behind Christmas and things like family, charity and good will. He sees his ways are wrong, his obsession with money, much like most people who fight over who has the best this and the fastest that but dont see themselves as a Scrooge. He gives money to poor people and is happy with his life finally. This world acclaimed novel has been made into many films, as it is still highly relevant and can be learnt from still. His literary genius conveys, feelings emotions and other amazing literary devices authors recently seem to have lost touch with.

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