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Microeconomic Issues and Their Impacts and Responses

Summary The retail sector has a major role in the growth of the Australian economy and is the barometer of the economic health of Australia s future growth prospects. When the economy is thriving so does the retail industry within an economy – thus, the level of demand within the retail industry has a significant impact on other industries as the money within the retail industry goes in a circle complementing the growth of the other industries. The performance of the retail industry is a strong indication for the government as to what monetary policies to implement in order to determine the amount of money floating around within the economy. It has been observed before that strong performance from the retail industry is translated into†¦show more content†¦Rising interest rate Interest rate movements affect all businesses in several ways. When interest rates go up, consumers tend to save more money and as a result will have less disposable cash available and tend to tighten their purse strings as mortgage payments increase. Depending on the levels of business debt, rising interest rates also increase retailers’ interest costs, thereby placing further pressure on retailer owners which force them to put up high mark-ups on their products which deter potential consumers. Additionally, rising interest rates increase the criteria for private equity and decrease the amount of cash available for investing. Even though Australia’s interest rate affects all businesses, the current interest rate is considerably below what it was in the early 1990s (16.5 per cent), and businesses were able to survive then. Strong Australian dollar The global financial crisis left the economies of the developed countries in ruins with high unemployment rates and record low interest rates, while the Australian economy was unscathed with a rising interest rates(Refer chart 3 from appendix). This has led to Australia being an attractive investment option thus increasing the demand for the Australian dollar. The strong Australian dollar has provided cost savings for business owners,Show MoreRelatedCorruption At The Firm s Level And The Global Level Essay1190 Words   |  5 Pagesdecades, there were many studies that carefully examined the issue of corruption in the institutional framework as well as its significance in politics and economics. Jakob Svensson (2005) has published a paper in which he defines corruption and compares it to taxation and lobbying. Svensson talks about the main measures of corruption in the world and a variety of institutional theories that try to explore causal factors of this issue and possible policies that could eliminate its extent in any countryRead MoreInflation Is Measured Using The Consumer Price1616 Words   |  7 Pagesinflation fell dramatically as consumption and investment slowed, export demand was weak and the circular flow of income contracted. Consequently, inflation dropped to 1.7% in 2009. In 2010-11 inflation was dominated by cost-push fact ors, notably the impact of the Queensland floods, which reduced the supply of agricultural products, pushing up food prices and insurance premiums. However, the appreciation of the $A, which peaked at $1.10 in September 2011, reduced the price of imported machinery and capitalRead MoreRiverpoint Writer (Article Aalysis)1617 Words   |  7 Pageshow much they are willing to work. The economic theory divided into two parts, stated that as microeconomics is the study of individual choice and how that choice is influenced economic forces, microeconomics studies things as the pricing policies of firms, households’ decisions on what to buy and how markets allocate resources among alternative ends. The invisible hand theory comes from microeconomics that states that economists call the invisible hand theory, a market economy, through the priceRead More Role Of Government In Mixed Economies Such As Australia Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pagesmain features of the governments micro economic policy? Why is the government concerned about microeconomic reform? Synopsis: The role of government in Australia today has less influence on the market than they did a decade ago. It function now is to provide a stable internal and external balance under which the market can function. This is achieved through the use of fiscal, monetary and microeconomic reform. Australia currently operates under a mixed economic system. This means that the governmentRead MoreNegative Externalities And The Effect On The Perception Of A Student At Cal State Dominguez Hills And Why It Essay1384 Words   |  6 Pagesexternality arises when a person engages in an activity that influences the well-being of a bystander but neither pays nor receives compensation for that effect. If the impact on the bystander is contrary, it is called a negative externality, on the other hand, if it is beneficial, it is called a positive externality. I will explain how microeconomic tools and materials we have covered this semester apply towards externalities and then follow on to its historical analysis. Then I will take it back to the roleRead MoreMicroeconomics/Macroeconomics Chapter 1 Questions and Answers5717 Words   |  23 Pagesincremental, additional, or extra. †¢ A rational decision maker changes the status quo if the expected marginal benefit is greater than the expected marginal cost. Use PowerPoint slides 20-21 for the following section Microeconomics and Macroeconomics †¢ Microeconomics: The study of individual economic choices (e.g., your economic behavior). †¢ Macroeconomics: The study of the performance of the economy as a whole, as measured, for example, by total production and employment. †¢ EconomicRead MoreThe Cost Of Gas Prices1595 Words   |  7 Pagesthe most valued products in the world—which means oil can be very inelastic. It is something that people need in order for them to keep their cars going and for many other reasons in this world. When the cost of gas drops down, the usual consumer’s response is positive, however, that might not be the case for some producers in the market. The lower cost of gas means that people will be able to save money—which is exactly what any consumers would want in the market. Specific consumers who benefit theRead MoreFunctional Microeconomic Models Of Competition Essay1411 Words   |  6 PagesThe purpose of the author is to develop a theoretical framework, evolved from basic microeconomic models of competition, to highlight six streams relevant to competitive dynamics in the chronological order of the level of research- competitive action and response, first-mover advantage, co-opetition, multipoint competition, strategic groups and regional clusters. The author then discuss the challenges related with each research streams and areas of overlap and disagreement within them and outlineRead MoreFederal Preparedness and Mitigation Programs Disasters can occur at any moment, anywhere; financial1900 Words   |  8 Pagesthe last century have been increasing at a rapid rate as over 50% of events require Federal assistance. (FEMA, 2014) Federal mitigation plans and programs reduce the impact of a given disaster also with our dependence on taxes, Treasury for relief. Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. (FEMA, 2014) In order for Mitigation to be effective we need to understand risks, choices, investment, and well-being. Mitigation has extreme value toRead MoreCoca Colas Annual Sales1332 Words   |  6 Pagesthe concern that soda is a leading cause in childhood obesity. Many schools are concerned with this and have therefore removed sodas from school vending machines. Coca Cola being the largest soda manufacturer has plans in place to help combat these issues as well as raise sales revenue in the future. According to the article The Decline of ‘Big Soda’, Coca Cola along with other large soda manufacturers have entered a voluntary agreement that requires each company to reduce the total number of calories

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